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Dialogue in the Dark™

After more than 25 years and 40 countries across the globe, Guide Dogs Australia has partnered with Dialogue in the Dark to bring this truly extraordinary event to Australia. An immersive, inspiring and truly unforgettable experience, more than nine million people across the globe have experienced Dialogue in the Dark, and we highly recommend that you do the same!

A tour in the Dialogue in the Dark™ experience lasts for around an hour, and happens in complete darkness. In the beginning it’s a shock to accept the total absence of any visual information, but bit by bit human nature is able to adapt and cope with the unusual surroundings.

Dialogue in the Dark Melbourne is located at: Harbour Town Melbourne, Docklands (Upstairs, opposite ArtVo) Level 1, 29 – 31 Star Crescent, Docklands

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Building strong communities

We understand the value of strong communities, and feel compelled and grateful to be able to contribute proactively to the places where we live and work.

That starts with our membership of the Diversity Council of Australia, the peak body and advisor to Australia's business diversity leaders, and extends right through to our support of groups like Infoxchange and the Breast Cancer Network.

All of the organisations share our commitment to excellence, integrity and respect, and we are proud to be associated with them.

JFE is delighted to support the following outstanding organisations: